More Gold

posted: October 18, 2015

We found this post we forgot to publish from almost a year ago! Monday August 11, 2014 Adventure Dog Walk with Beckem and Logan the Goldendoodle, Lola the Jack Russell Terrier / Pomeranian Mix and Stella the Golden Retriever. It’s … read more

Rainy Day, Happy Dogs

posted: October 24, 2014

Friday was a rainy day. This didn’t slow down our pack of adventurers which included Logan and Beckem the Goldendoodles, Noah and Tobey the Labradoodles, Wilbur the Border Collie with Bailey and Stella the Golden Retrievers. Logan and Wilbur are … read more

Chasing Sticks

posted: October 15, 2014

On Friday we had an energetic pack. There was Logan and Beckem the Goldendoodles, Bailey and Stella the Golden Retrievers, Tobey the Labradoodle and Wilbur the Border Collie. We started our hike at Cypress Falls Park to see where the … read more

Run, Swim, Roll, Repeat

posted: October 13, 2014

Friday October 3, 2014 was a sunny day. We headed out to Cypress Falls Park for our adventure. There is a little bit of everything in this park. Forest to run through, streams to swim in and dirt to roll … read more


posted: October 5, 2014

Friday September 26 was a dark and rainy day. A really dark and rainy day, the kind of day that unfortunately gives Vancouver a bad name. our pack of intrepid Adventurers included Bailey and Stella the Golden Retrievers, Beckem and … read more

And We Have Sound

posted: September 28, 2014

Friday September 19 was a rainy day. It felt like the true start of the Vancouver fall season. It was drizzly out, so unfortunately the video is short as I tried to protect the iPhone from the rain. Oddly enough … read more

3 Years with Bailey

posted: September 14, 2014

Edit: I miscounted it’s really been 3 Years! My my how the time flies. On Friday Bailey the Golden Retriever surprised me with a bottle of wine to celebrate 2 years of walks together. It was really thoughtful of him, … read more

Stella is not impressed

posted: September 10, 2014

On Monday we had a large group of adventurers. Out for the hike were Beckem and Logan the Goldendoodles, Noah the Labradoodle, Stella the Golden Retriever, Emma the Border Collie, Annabelle the Pomeranian and Lola the Jack Russell Terrier / … read more

Run Swim Repeat

posted: September 7, 2014

Friday was a gorgeous day. We had a large and energetic pack for our adventure. There were two Golden Retrievers, Stella and Bailey; two Goldendoodles, Beckem and Logan; two Labradoodles, Noah and Tobey and one Border Collie Cross, Wilbur! Logan … read more

The Start of False Fall

posted: September 3, 2014

Tuesday was the first walk of September. The weather certainly reminded us that winter is eventually on its way. Though it was chilly, we managed to miss the rain. Our pack for this Tuesday included a lot of our Monday … read more