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Fun for Fido

Feeling guilty that Fido is left home alone all day long?

Let us pick him up and take him for a hike in the woods with all of his doggy friends.

He’ll get to feel the dirt under his paws, the wind in his fur and the sun (or rain or snow) on his back.

2.5 hours later, we’ll drop him off, before you get home from your busy day.

He’ll lift his head up from his bed, look at you with those eyes that say,

I had a great day. You?”

You log onto your computer, and see for yourself.

There it is, photos and GPS data of his adventure.

He did have a great day.

Wagging Trails is a premium canine adventure company, located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. We specialize in stimulating and fun, 2.5 hour hikes on the rugged terrain of Vancouver’s North Shore. We then share these adventures with our customers through the use of photos, video and GPS.

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