Adventures » Zoe and Minnie try the snow

Zoe and Minnie try the snow

The afternoon dog walk on Wednesday was with Minnie and Zoe (delay in posting due to moving). The snow kept coming down and the trails were covered. My dad is visiting to help me with the move and came along for the walk. It was a good thing too as we almost got stuck in the snow at the trailhead. It was slippery on the roads! I hope everyone was careful out there.

But we made it and got started on our hike. We started the afternoon hike at Ballentree park. The snow wasn’t very deep but it sure was sticky! Poor Zoe collected snowballs really quickly. We had to stop every 5 minutes to break off the snow from Zoe. In spite of the stickiness Zoe was really enjoying herself. As soon as we broke off enough snow for her to run she would take off again and go for a run. Even though the dogs were having fun, we decided to cut the walk short. It was just too much work for Zoe to deal with the stickiness of wet Vancouver snow.

You can see for yourself!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 3.2km

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