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When Winston Meets Luna

On Thursday March 24 we had a full pack of dogs that included Luna, Bodhi and Karma the Desi Dogs, Nyssa the Husky / Malamute, Lily the Husky / Labrador Retriever, Winston the Aussiedoodle and Rosie the Duck Toller. We headed to Ballentree Park to enjoy our day.

As it was the day before the holiday, we had a few cancellations. So, we combined the morning and the afternoon pack into one group. The group got along really well and some new friends were made. In particular Winston and Luna took a particular shine to one another. Winston is very energetic and loves to play with other dogs. Though he usually picks dogs that are smaller than him and they often get overwhelmed with his energy. This was not the case with little Luna. She is full of energy and loves to wrestle and play with her big brother Bodhi. She’s also small, which is perfect for Winston. The two of them took an instant shine to one another and played non stop. This worked out well for our shyer members of the pack who were free to roam the forest as they wished.

Karma, Nyssa and Rosie wandered at an easier pace. Karma and Nyssa have been with the pack for some time. They like to check out all the different sights and find new paths. Nyssa is becoming an expert at finding shortcuts through the woods. Rosie spent some time on leash with me at the beginning so we could keep up with the rest of the pack. Once she decided everything was good she was up front leading the charge.

Bodhi and Lily spent some time playing with Luna and Winston and some time exploring the forest at an easier pace. It was a great hike with a great group of dogs.

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Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 4.5km

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