Adventures » What to do on a sunny day off? Go hike of course!

What to do on a sunny day off? Go hike of course!

Pop quiz!

What does a dog walker do when she doesn’t have any dogs to walk?

Go for a hike of course.

Um yeah. I’m not obsessed with hiking or anything….

Anyway, yesterday was yet another sunny day. The call of the wild was too strong, so I embarked with a fellow hiker to tackle the Chief in Squamish for the first time this season. Great fun was had, although humans argue with me a little more than the doggies do.

I don’t care if orange peels are biodegradable, they don’t degrade right away, until then we have to look at them.
Pack in, Pack out people!  :)

I also surpassed a bit of a milestone. I’ve hiked 475 km since I started my business in the fall. No wonder I’m so skinny!

No video today, we humans are too chatty. :)

But we did take lots of photos and for once I was in front of the camera on occasion. Click on the map to see more photos and view the GPS data.


Today's Adventurers
  • No dogs on this adventure

Location: The Chief, Squamish

Distance hiked: 6.0km

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