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Welcome Lily

On Wednesday May 13 we welcomed Lily the Husky / Labrador Retriever into our pack. Her packmates included Winston the Aussiedoodle, Bogie the Golden Retriever with Emma and Stella the Border Collies.

Lily did great with her first adventure. Introductions with her packmates went well and she was listening to me right off the bat. So we let her off leash pretty quickly. She ran around with her buddies for the first half of the walk, then stuck a little closer to me for the second half, making sure she was in prime position for a few head scratches.

Winston was also new to this pack. We’d been hoping to pair him with Logan for the day, but Logan was having a staycation. Winston has also been doing really well with controlling his energy. He was hiking with a tough group of women who weren’t shy about letting him know if he got too rambunctious. :) He had a great time exploring.

Miss Emma did her best to get me to throw sticks for her. But with the ‘new’ dogs I wanted to keep the energy relatively mellow. I couldn’t help but throw one or two. Especially when Stella AND Emma were looking at me with those pleading border collie eyes.

Mr Bogie found lots of good things to roll around in. He was the most lenient with Winston, and therefore the biggest object of Winston affection. He doesn’t mind all the kisses too much.

It was a great hike!


Today's Adventurers

Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.2km

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