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Welcome Anna!

Monday was a bit of an unusual day for me. I’ve been training Anna the human as a backup dog walker.┬áMonday she “took the leashes” and I along with the other dogs followed her lead (she’s in the green jacket).

She did great! The dogs responded really well to her. I’m almost got jealous until a few of the dogs looked back to make sure I too was following along. :) Anna will be taking a pack out on her own on Friday.

The walk itself it was WET! We had impeccable timing. It rained really hard while we were on the trails. Once we were done it started to cleared up a bit. Ah well. No one in our pack seemed to mind. The doodles Logan, Beckem and Tobey loved playing chase. Stella continued her hunt for the best stick ever! Bailey played with Logan and kept an eye on me. Sally and Beckem took to Anna right away and became her little shadows.

The rain and heavy cloud cover may have contributed to some technical difficulties. One of the video cameras seems to think that heavy rain is background noise. So the sound is off in a couple of clips (not by choice). The GPS also got confused. It thinks we went further south than we did, then it forgot to record about 15 min of our trip (hence the straight line). hmmm. Twilight Zone? Probably just something to keep an eye on. Good thing we knew where we were and have a map and compass just in case :)


Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 7.3km

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