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Walk with Anna

Friday morning was an odd day for me. My furry friends were getting picked up to go for a hike but I wasn’t going. :(

Luckily I had Anna to pinch hit for me. It was her first time leading the dogs and it sounds and looks like they had a great time.

This is what Anna had to say.

Logan and Bailey had their little roughhousing at the beginning. Everyone ran around, enjoyed the rain. Pippa was the most adventurous, always off somewhere, but also the first one to check back with me. Beckham spent the walk running about. Bailey seems to be taking to Stella, copying her and following her around a bit, but I don’t think he can keep up with her for long.

We zigzaged around a little, then headed down from the Brother’s Creek bridge. By that point the edge had worn off, and I had Pippa and Bailey shadowing me half the time. It’s cute, but having two big dogs crowding at your feet requires careful footwork.

All in all, a nice, if wet, walk. There were plenty of opportunities for the dogs to splash around in some larger puddles, but they mostly avoided them. Maybe they figured they were wet enough already.

Thanks Anna! I knew they would be in good hands.


Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.1km

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