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Two dogs and two lakes

Today was a busy day! This morning our dog walk was with Millie and Pippa. Pippa is just happy to be out in the woods, Millie really appreciates having another dog to play with. Millie’s tail was wagging so much when she saw Pippa in the truck.

We started off at Ballentree Park. We hiked up to Lost Lake then Blue Gentian Lake. We were once again able to get above the snow line. ┬áIt wasn’t nearly as much work to walk through as it was a couple of weeks ago. The warm weather has allowed the remaining snowpack to consolidate. Which means we were able to walk on top of the snowpack. Much easier than a foot of fresh snow!

Check out the video of today’s adventure to see what we mean.

Today’s hike was a long one. We covered 9 km and ascended 740m in elevation. The girls should be tired tonight!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 9km

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