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The Rozza and Logan Show!

It’s the Rozza and Logan Show!

The woods once again gave Rozza the Mutt superpowers. Changing him from a mild mannered dog who’d rather be in bed, to one who loves to run and play chase with his best buddy Logan the Goldendoodle. For the first couple of hours (yes that’s right) the two of them were playing non stop. I think they’re both pumped to know another dog that loves to play!

Bailey the Golden Retriever and Beckem the Goldendoodle joined in for a few rounds of chase. Stella the Golden Retriever prefers to find the perfect stick and roll in the snow over games of chase. Unfortunately the dark cloud and fog make for dark video

I did have to give both Logan and Rozza a little leash time. Rozza is still pretty new and took on the role of pack defender when we came across another group (barking), then decided he’d rather play chase with Logan then come back to me. This just told me that Rozza and I need to do a little more bonding. The leash is a great tool to do this. It’s important that the doggies come back when called just in case we run into something unfriendly in the woods. ┬áRozza will figure it out pretty quick, he’s a good dog and was much better with the next group we met (offleash again).

Logan got his leash time because he was a little slow when called and was helping Rozza ignore me by continuing to play. That being said, I’m very proud of Logan. He’s been doing really well in coming when called, even when there is a new dog he would really like to meet. They’re both really smart and good dogs, they just need a little reinforcement from time to time. I’m looking forward to their next walk.

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Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 7.5km

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