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Sunshine Above the Fog

What a great day for a hike! We lucked out with a weather inversion which meant that while Vancouver was socked in with fog, on the mountain we were enjoying the sunshine and bluebird days. Pure bliss.

We had a great group of dogs. Joining us for the first time in a while was Millie the Formosan Mountain Dog. I was a little worried that she might be a little unsure on the adventure. But she was really excited to see Logan and accepted Rozza pretty quickly. She joined in Logan and Rozza’s endless games of chase. It’s so nice to see her keep coming out of her shell.

Rozza had his second walk with us. He’s starting to get the swing of things. He’s still best buddies with Logan. They love playing chase!

The other three dogs; Bailey, Stella and Beckem were pretty chill. They’d join in the odd game of chase. But to be honest I think they were just happy to be out in the sunshine. I was getting lots of cuddles from the dogs whenever we took a break.

A great day for a hike!


Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 7.1km

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