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Sunny Days and Happy Dogs

Wednesday was a lovely sunny day. A day that truly felt like summer. Summer, not spring. It was sunny and gorgeous and warm!

Our lucky adventurers included Bailey the Golden Retriever, Logan and Beckem the Goldendoodles, Nila the Desi Dog, Emma the Border Collie and Maddy the Hound Shepherd Mix.

I have to say this group made me feel really loved. The day started out with too many kisses! It was getting hard to get the dogs properly secured in the truck without getting smothered in kisses from Nila and Maddy. Can’t say I minded too much. :)

Then when we stopped for our break, Bailey made sure to chew on the stick right by my feet. Just in case I forgot he was there! There were lots of pets and snuggles as everyone came up for some love. This group must have thought I arranged the sunny day!

Apart from all the love we had a lovely walk in the woods, though with the coming warm weather we’re going to have to start to bring lots of water! It was a great hike.


Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.5km

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