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Spring? Ha Ha Fooled You!

Ahh the comedy that is spring.

Friday was sunny skies and mild temperatures.

On Monday, there was falling snow.

The dogs really didn’t seem to mind, truth be told neither did I. The snow gave my skier’s heart hope, hope of a few more magical snowy.  The dogs must have had the same feeling. Snowface and Snowrolling were the games of the day.

Of course Rozza the Mix and Logan the Goldendoodle had to have a few rounds of chase, with the odd round of stick tug thrown in. Maxie the Bichon / Shih Tzu and Beckem the Goldendoodle couldn’t help but join Rozza and Logan in chase. I think Maxie would LOVE to play tug and chase more with the bigger dogs. I’m getting the sense he’s been a little barky in the past because he doesn’t want Logan and Rozza to forget about him.

That being said, Maxie and Logan were sophisticated partiers this walk. There were a few times they got a little rambunctious. However, I’ve found getting them to practice their come, sit and stay is a good way to get them to change their focus. I think we’ve created a new game!

When I’m working with Logan and Maxie on their sit and stay (so hard for them, they want to be part of the action!)  Stella, Beckem and Bailey will often come, sit and stay all on their own. It’s almost becoming a contest for my affection. Stella, Beckem and Bailey seem to be saying “Well, if THEY don’t want to sit for you, I will! Give ME snuggles and attention for being SOOO good. Look! Look! I’M sitting and staying and you didn’t even have to ask” The end result is ALL the dogs are getting better at their sit/stays and I get to give them ALL extra cuddles. I like this game!


Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 7.3km

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