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Snow Face Muzzle Style

On Friday March 18 we had a big pack of dogs and a lovely sunny day. Our pack included Noah and Tobey the Labradoodles, Kili the German Shepherd, Petey the American Bulldog and Emma the Border Collie. We headed to Ballentree Park to enjoy our day.

We’ve been working on keeping Kili calm around his packmates. He gets really excited around other dogs and we’ve been working on his manners. Though his leashing system looks complicated it’s been working quite well. I can easily get his attention with the halti if the need arises, yet it’s his halter which keeps him tethered to me in a manner he’s more familiar with. Petey was also on leash with me. He still gets excited when we see strangers, but he too is slowly becoming more manageable. They’re both big sweethearts and make sure to give me a good cuddle lean at least once during our adventures. They both were thrilled to find snow and made sure to have a good muzzle in it.

Emma tried as she usually does to get me to throw her a few sticks. Though she seems to understand that with this group we like to keep the energy calm. It doesn’t stop her from trying, she is just a little more content to go explore in the woods.

Our labradoodles Noah and Tobey were just happy to be out in the forest. Though they both have different ways of enjoying it. Tobey will sing to me anytime we stop moving. There is too much forest to explore! Noah is content to stick near me. I can count on seeing him when I look back. Though every once in a while he will go explore with his packmates.

All in all it was a great hike.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 7.2km

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