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Sally Snowface

Wednesday was a fun day.

Vancouver was hit with a snowstorm early on Wednesday. Normally the snow stays up in the mountains but this morning we woke up with white stuff on the ground.

Sally has earned a new nickname “Sally Snowface”. It’s great to see a dog have so much fun snuffling snow. Maxie our wee one kept up great! He’s the only one that’s figured out that I’ll break trail for him if he walks behind me. He’s a smart one :) Though to be fair, he wasn’t very patient when I stopped to take footage of the other dogs. (Why are you stopping Claire? There are dogs playing up there!)

Nila’s long legs are great for jumping through snow. Who knew a dog originally from India would make such a great snow dog? Pippa and Stella did laps around the rest of us.

Unfortunately one dog (Tobey) couldn’t make it out with us. The roads weren’t in good enough shape to pick him up. We certainly missed him as we had a good romp in the snow.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.8km

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