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Petey, Can You Deer Me?

On Thursday we had a big pack that included Petey the American Bulldog, Winston the Aussiedoodle, Brando the German Shepherd, Nyssa the Husky/ Malamute and Karma the Desi Dog. As usual this group was full of excitement as we headed to Millstream Park to enjoy our hike.

Brando and Winston were both on leash for the first part of the walk. We’re continuing to reinforce a lower level of energy before they’re allowed off leash. Brando has a tendency to focus on Winston. While it’s not aggressive, it’s a little intense and Brando needs to respect when the other dogs don’t want to play with him. Same thing for Winston. He really wants to play with the other dogs, but sometimes they aren’t interested or Winston plays a little too rough. So we’re reinforcing the idea that sometimes, just being with your buddies is a good time. They’re both making progress and we let Brando off leash towards the end of the walk. He would listen to my requests to “leave him” (referring to Winston) and go sniff around in the forest. Winston is getting better at listening, but not well enough to be off leash with this high energy group.

Nyssa and Karma are the mellow dogs of the group. They love exploring the forest at an easy pace. The rain last week helped cool down the forest, so there has been less digging. They didn’t mind and both had a big doggy grin on their face for most of the walk.

Now that we’ve found a more comfortable muzzle, Petey spends a good portion of his walk up front exploring. He still loves his cuddles and will come running back when called for a good pet. He still tries to get the muzzle off on occasion. Once in a while he’ll pick up a branch. This time one got caught in the top and for a brief moment it looked like he had antlers. I couldn’t quite get the camera out in time but it was very cute. It’s also nice to see Petey come towards me to help him out. He knows his human is there to help (as I am for all the doggies). Ah pack life.

It was a great Thursday hike.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.3km

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