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Oops I Did It Again

I walked for too long
Got lost in the woods
oo baby baby

Oops I did it again
I walked for too long
It’s just too much fun!

I had full intentions of sticking to a 2.5 hour walk on Friday. (We’ve had walks closer to three hours this last week.) The main reason oddly enough is water. With the hot summer weather, the normally plentiful streams and rivers are dry. There are still a couple of spots with clear water left. One is a lovely lake, called Lost Lake. The other watering hole is on Brother’s Creek Trail. There is a nice spot where the dogs can get down to Brother’s Creek and have a cool down. Hiking to the same spots all the time can get a little boring. So I try and mix it up by taking different paths to these reliable watering holes.

A hike to Lost Lake was out. We’d headed there twice in the week already. And to be honest it’s at the far reaches of where we can go in our timeframe. It usually adds a half hour to our hike (but the dogs love it sooo much!)

So I’d intended to swing by our watering spot on Brother’s Creek Trail. We started up Brewis Trail for variety, planning on taking either Skyline or Crossover to Brothers. Well, we took Skyline over to Baden, not Brother’s. And by the time I realized we were on the wrong path we had already hiked up past Crossover Trail. Oops! Dilemma! Hike down the trail then up again OR continue up to Blue Gentian Lake and back down to Brothers. Naturally we chose up and down. So our hike was longer than expected. But we had a bonus lake trip! It was meant to be.



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Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.9km

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