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Oh Winnie

Tuesday March 3 was 2 parts energy 2 parts mellow. Our mellow parts were Karma the Desi Dog and Bogie the Golden Retriever. Our energetic parts were Winston the Aussiedoodle and Petey the American Bulldog.

We’ve slowly been finding a comfortable muzzle for Petey. He was also wearing a harness in case he needed some leash time. With all of that gear on he looked like a villain from a movie. Good thing he’s a sweetheart. One of his favourite things to do is nuzzle close during break time. I think we’ve got the muzzle dialed so he won’t need to be on leash as much.

Winston on the other hand. Is doing what all teenagers do. Ignoring his pack leaders cause what he wants to do is way more fun! He’s just SOOO excited to play. But some of his favourite games like ear nibbling and chase dogs away from the pack, aren’t the most fun for his other pack members. So he’s spending time on leash until he can remember the rules. You can do it buddy! :)

Bogie and Karma were our mellow dogs of the pack. They explored through the forest. We were blessed with another sunny day. Gorgeous for hiking.

The video is a little short. We’ll hopefully get more footage next hike!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 5.0km

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