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New Trails with Old Friends Pippa and Lola

Pippa the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and Lola the Jack Russell Terrier were along for Friday’s walk. The two of them are experienced pack members! We have a new website coming soon. A new feature is a tally of the km’s each dog has walked (as recorded by my path). We’re not done the tally yet, but so far Pippa has hiked over 180 km and little Lola has hiked over 160 km. Way to go girls! I’ll have to think of something special for them when they hit the 200 km marker. :)

Pippa and Lola have spent a lot of time in the woods together. They were thrilled to see each other in the truck! Tails were wagging and I was getting my face kissed as we all knew we were going to have a good time together. A neighbour walking by had a chuckle at me exclaiming how much I loved my job.

As both Pippa and Lola are experienced members, we decided to find some new trails. The area around Nelson Creek has intrigued me for a while. After spotting a sign for the Trans Canada Trail, we pulled over and started our hike.

The area around Nelson Creek is GORGEOUS. It’s incredibly lush. Although it wasn’t raining, I was drenched from the water that had collected on all the ferns. It felt like walking in a fairy tale.

That is until we popped out of the woods and ran into a power-line crew. Although to be fair I think we surprised them too! It was funny to listen to their comments. First how Pippa looked like a small bear, then how cute Lola was. I love the power of dogs. They allow tough men working in the woods to let their guard down and coo about cuteness. :)

It was a great walk. Thanks Pippa and Lola!

Look below to see where we journeyed.  I also snapped some pictures of informational signs we spotted on the Trans Canada Trail. This section of the Trans Canada Trail is a really well done (in my humble opinion).

Today's Adventurers

Location: Nelson Creek, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.2km

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