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Morning mission with Millie

Today we did a rare thing, we went to the same starting spot two times in a row.

I took Millie to Cypress Falls for her dog walk today. This time we started at the lower parking lot, where there seems to be a little more traffic. Cypress Falls is a popular spot for a good reason, it’s gorgeous in there.

One of the things we’ve been working on is Millie’s social skills. She really wants to be social, but doesn’t quite know the rules yet. That’s ok, she’s learning lots. She had lots of opportunity to meet new dogs today.┬áIt’s been really neat to watch her progress: from a dog who would put her hackles up at the sight of another dog, to a dog that will calmly greet another dog. She was a good girl today.

Now I get to hang my head in shame. There is no GPS data for this hike. I pressed clear before I pressed save. :(

We do have photos

Believe me it was great! First checked out the waterfall, then hiked up to the viewpoint (no view though). From there we continued up the mountain where Millie pointed out a very pretty moss covered path. We turned around tracing our steps back to the viewpoint (this time there was actually a view) and looped back to the start.

Next time I promise to press save before delete :)

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Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

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