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Morning Exploration with Millie

Woke up to a lovely day in Vancouver.

The sun had peeked its head out from behind the clouds. We started our dog walk at Millstream park and stuck to the lower elevations to take a break from the snow of last week. Actually, there was a lot less snow in general this week. There was so much melt that some portions of the trail looked like streams!

​Today was an exploration. We started out at Millstream Park and hiked up Brewis Trail. We then went west along the Trans Canada Trail (usually I continue up Brewis and loop east). This section of the Trans Canada Trail is really quite lovely. Lots of stream crossing and really picturesque. When it was time to head back, I followed a trail south down the mountain, instead of turning around. Didn’t quite join up with Millstream and we had to walk along the street to get back on Lawson near the Log Dam. If we weren’t pressed for time we would have gone back up to the Trans Canada Trail. It’s a lot of work going uphill! The exploration meant we hiked for a little longer than originally intended, 11 km total.

Millie should be tired tonight. We covered a lot of elevation today too!

To see the photos directly head here.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.2km

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