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Monday on the Mountain with Millie and Me

Monday was just Millie and me on the mountain.  We started at the Upper lot at Cypress Falls Park today. I was curious to see how high up the mountain we could get. The last few times we ran short on time. So the upper lot gave us a bit of a head start.

We made it to the lookout in no time. It’s such a great spot to sit for a moment in the morning. After that we continued up the mountain. I’ve been trying to see where the path we’ve been on takes us. Unfortunately we keep running out of time. We did get further than last time. But not enough to know where the trail goes. Ah well. There is always next time!

Millie was her attentive self. I go, she goes. I stop, she stops. Without her buddy Pippa, Millie was a little more reserved. I’m going to have to get her some more friends :)

Who can’t love this face.

Check out her walk!

Until next time!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.9km

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