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Losing Brewis and Finding Love

Now before you get too worried. Brewis is the name of a trail. But we’ll talk about how we lost Brewis later.

First, it’s a love story. Emma the 6 month old Beagle is in love with Pippa the 8-year-old Wirehaired Pointing Griffon.

They met two weeks ago, it was Emma’s first adventure. So she had to stay on leash. Just until she got the hang of things. But you could tell she REALLY wanted to go play with Pippa.

Today was their second meeting.  I picked Emma up first. She is starting to get excited when it’s time for a walk. It always makes my day to see a happy dog.

I then got to see a second happy dog when I picked up Pippa. Then there was even more excitement when Emma and Pippa saw each other at the truck.

I knew it was going to be a good day.

We started today’s hike at Millstream Park. With all the snow, I hadn’t hiked that trail in a while. We started along Millstream Trail then cut up the Baden Powell Trail. Reached the lakes and chatted with some cross-country skiers. Then the plan was to follow Brewis Trail down to either Crossover or Skyline/Powerline trail and loop back down the Baden Powell.

Brewis, oh Brewis. Why do you elude me? Oh right. Tricky  water crossing.

My plan was to follow the flagging. But it was quickly hidden in the snow. We reached a creek but it didn’t feel like the right trail. So decision time. Do we hike back up and around the trail we already took? Or do we just head downhill knowing that we will run into either Crossover or Skyline trail. Knowing that I had a map, compass AND GPS I felt we could trailblaze a little. I’m glad we did! Once I looked at the GPS data and compared it to past trips, I noticed a Tricky Crossing. Ahhh. Must remember there is a tricky crossing on Brewis Trail. No go when there’s snow.

Regardless of the path we took the girls loved it! Wherever Pippa went, Emma followed. They’re so cute together.

Until Next time

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.1km

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