Adventures » Lola loses the leash and I lose the footage

Lola loses the leash and I lose the footage

Yesterday, Lola the Pomeranian / Jack Russell Terrier Mix, had her second dog hike with us.

Rounding out the pack was Pippa the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon and my friend Jen the human from JP Personal Training.

Pippa and Lola had not met before and they quickly became friends.

We had high hopes for the day. The forecast called for sun. So the group of us headed out to Cypress Falls Park in West Vancouver to check out the viewpoint.

Shortly after we got on the trail the weather turned, and it started to snow on us. So much for a view! Oh well, we enjoyed hearing the crunching sound of snow underfoot instead.

Now for the big success of the day! Lola loses the leash!

Lola was really interested in what Pippa was up to. Lola’s previous walk had been on leash. So we tried dropping the leash with Lola to see how she did with her recall.

She did phenomenally well. She bonded really well with our “pack”. She would run up with Pippa, look back at me and wait, then carry on. I swear I could see a doggy smile. By the end of the walk both dogs were fairly tuckered. We had a great day.

Now for the failure of the day. Somewhere between the tail end of the hike and getting home, I lost my video camera. Boo! I’m more upset about losing the footage than the camera. Although losing the camera isn’t great. So Lola loses a leash, and I need to get one for my camera.

Good news is Jen came along for the hike and snapped some photos along the way. It’s not an easy feat to keep up with us but she did! It’s also nice to get some photos with me and the dogs.


Wagging Trails has hiked 275 km since we started in the fall! We can’t wait to do more.

Until Next time!


Today's Adventurers

Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 7.0km

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