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Little dogs take on big adventure

This afternoon’s dog walk was with Minnie and Zoe. I really love walking with these guys. Minnie the miniature dachshund is all wiggles and love. I just love the look on Zoe’s face when she’s running up and down the path. You can really see the terrier in her!

Today we started our walk at Cypress Falls. This park is closer to the ocean than Millstream or Ballentree, which means it can be a little warmer, with a little less snow. Minnie loved that! She spent the ENTIRE walk running around. She’s a little dog with big energy!

There was no snow for Zoe to play in this time. But she did have fun running through the bushes. I spent a fair amount of time picking sticks off of her as we walked along. Neither one of us really minded. It’s so nice to be outside.

We hiked just over 8 km and hiked up 840 m in elevation. I’m sure we’ll have some tired dogs tonight!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.3km

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