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Introducing my new French love, Vinnie

Confession time.

For the longest time I wanted an English Bulldog. I wanted to call him Winston and make him sweaters (I’m a knitter). However, I quickly realized that having a dog for the purpose of being a doll is a bad idea. So I tucked my desire for a bulldog aside.

But you can now understand how excited I was to meet Vinnie, the French Bulldog. With my respects to the English, I’ve been won over by a Frenchie.  :)

Vinnie was the epitome of happy grunts. He LOVES sticks. I love watching him run. He’s got such a cute butt 😉 I think Lola kind of likes him too. Lola and Vinnie were side by side almost the entire time.

They were so cute that I had a really hard time cutting down the footage of the dog walk to something reasonable. (How could I cut up or out Vinnie stalking Lola, too cute!)

We also had my loveable problem child Millie along for the walk. Bit of background so the video makes sense.

Millie is a bit slow to trust and needs time and patience to deal with new things. She has to wear a muzzle because sometimes she can over react. Although she doesn’t like it, wearing the muzzle allows her to get the benefits of the walks and get her some socialization. I find working with her really rewarding. I’ve been able to see her slowly open up.

What I didn’t do though, was check the muzzle. And unfortunately it came off during the walk. I had another one in my bag. But as soon as Millie saw the muzzle she kept her distance.

So here is one of those pick your battles/ what do you do moments. I didn’t want to continue with the walk without a muzzle. She was staying within eyesight of the group. So we waited for her to come. I threw sticks for Vinnie and Lola (which they loved). When we ran out of time and needed to head back to the truck Millie followed right along and got close to the pack again (although not close enough for me to reach her). When we were getting close to the trailhead Millie got a few good runs in then allowed me to leash her up no problem. I leashed the other girls up then put Millies’ muzzle on.

I’d consider that a successful walk. My biggest goal with Millie is to get her to trust me. While it would have been great to hike the full distance. I’m happy that she wanted to stay with our pack, which was a new pack for her. Long story short, while Millie was along for the hike, I don’t have a lot of footage of her as she was either hot on my heels or keeping her distance.

And a reminder to always carry a map and compass! Batteries on the GPS ran out! But I’ve hiked that route a few times before, got as far as the flag marked Burnt Tree Old before we started throwing sticks and waiting for Millie. I now carry spare batteries. :)

Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 5.0km

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