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Hands Full

On Thursday August 20 we had a full pack of dogs and a gorgeous day. Our pack included Winston the Aussiedoodle, Brando the German Shepherd, Nyssa the Husky / Malamute, Karma the Desi Dog, Bogie the Golden Retriever and Petey the American Bulldog.

This group has lots of energy. Brando really loves his walks now that Winston is part of the group but he will still play with a little too much intensity for my liking. We’ve started him on leash for the first part of the walk. This allows him to burn off some energy and he’s much better at controlling his intensity later in the walk. Winston is also on leash for the first part of the walk for very similar reasons. Winston is also really excited at the beginning of the walk. Once he burns off some energy, he’s much better at playing with his friends instead of nibbling on them. So my hands were quite full for the first portion of the walk. At the first water break, the boys had burnt off enough energy to have some off leash time. It’s slow progress, but it’s good at the same time. The dogs having too much fun is a good sort of problem to have.

Petey also has a lot of energy. But with his muzzle on he burns it off by running up and down the forest. He’s been getting much better at greeting strangers and he loves to play with his doggy buddies. Though I’d prefer if he didn’t try to get the dogs to play chase while they’re still attached to me… We were quickly able to discourage that game by having us join us on leash for a bit. It was a hands full kind of day. :)

Nyssa, Karma and Bogie were content to wander through the forest without playing games of chase. They’ll hide out behind the odd tree to make sure I notice if they’re there (which of course I do). It’s always cute to see them happily bounding down the trail when I call them or wait for them to catch up.

There were lots of stops at the remaining watering holes on the trails. Brando loves a good soak in some water. Bogie found some good stuff to roll in, while Nyssa and Karma enjoyed the sunshine.

All in all it was a great hike!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.3km

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