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Endless Bounding

Friday’s Adventure started the usual way. With Logan the Goldendoodle and Wilbur the Border Collie chasing each other round and round! You know it’s going to be a good walk when the pack members are so happy to see one another.

Rounding out the pack was Tobey the Labradoodle, Bailey the Golden Retriever and Beckem the Goldendoodle. Tobey and Beckem were easily convinced to join in a few rounds of chase. Beckem has been extra cute lately, bouncing around the forest with a big ole grin on his face. Bailey wasn’t feeling as well as he usually does. :( He took a few more breaks than usual but couldn’t help joining in a few games.

All in all it was a great adventure!


Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.4km

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