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Dig Dig Karma Goes for a Run

On Thursday July 9 we had a fun pack of dogs and a hot dusty day. Our adventurers included Bogie the Golden Retriever, Nyssa the Husky / Malamute, Petey the American Bulldog, Karma the Desi Dog and Noah the Labradoodle.

We headed to our favourite summer trailhead at Millstream Park. The dogs were happy to get out of the truck and start running around. We stopped by our favourite water spots, but most importantly the dogs took every opportunity to have a good dig. Nyssa, Petey, Bogie and even Karma had a few good digs in the dry earth.  Noah prefers to watch from afar and sneak in cuddles.

Miss Karma is usually quite shy and doesn’t join in the games of chase. But this walk Petey was having so much fun that Karma had to join in. It’s great to see her confidence build. I’m sure this is in part to Nyssa. Karma likes snuggling up to Nyssa in the truck and quite often all I see is their two smiling faces in the rearview mirror.

It was a great walk full of dirt and good times.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.5km

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