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Cocktail Party or Frat Party?

Walking in the woods with your doggy pals is fun!

I love picking the dogs up in the morning. The ones who have been with me a while know what’s coming. They get all excited, tails wagging as we head to the truck. A quick sniff to see who’s in there, I open the back and they hop in. The greeting begin and they take “their spot”

Nila effortlessly and daintily jumps into the truck. She likes a corner where she feels safe and can still be a part of the group.

Logan gets a back corner. He just loves everybody SO MUCH. He wants to be able to see them RIGHT NOW. If he sat near the front no one would be able to get in the truck. :)

Logan and Pippa have a really great greeting. She kind of dances as she hops in the truck, while Logan tries his very best to see her right away and cover her in kisses. The end result is the truck shakes a bit until they’re done saying hi.

Beckem is a little more reserved. When he hops in the truck, he immediately sits down and ignores Logan’s attempts to say hi. As the pickups continue, Beckem sneaks closer and closer to Logan until they’re side by side. Beckem doesn’t always like to admit it, but he really loves Logan, they’re good friends.

Maxie is our little guy. He’s definitely excited to see us! He sometimes tries to bend the rules. He likes to PARTY and wants everyone else to join!

So on that note. We had an energetic pack to say the least. We started our hike at Millstream Park. The dogs have been doing really well with their sits in the truck before we go hike. It’s something that’s hard for them to do (they can’t wait for their walk), but they know what’s coming once we get into the woods. They’ll be able to run around and have a lot of fun with their friends. They can almost taste the freedom.

We get to our appointed offleash area, I say “Sit” and wouldn’t you know it, five furry bums are on the ground. They know once they sit the leash comes off. And it does, the dogs immediately start playing chase and stretch their legs.

Everyone likes a party, but not everyone likes a frat party. One of our pups was so excited about offleash time that he was running around, barking more than neccessary and generally trying to get everyone to be as pumped and as excited as he was. This of course got another pup really excited who then also decided barking was fun. Any guesses as to who these two party animals were?  ahem, Maxie, cough, Logan (Love you guys!)

And this was one of those really cool moments of my job. We changed the energy of the party. I called them over, they came with no problems and we had a little leash time. It was a collective chill down moment. We watched the other dogs run in the woods. Pippa and Beckem are both pretty low key, trotting from here to there. They set good examples of how to have fun in the woods without going crazy.

Pretty soon Maxie and Logan were offleash again, this time with a little more restraint. Maxie did a great interpretation of Pippa’s forest face. Logan romped around, playing chase with all the dogs. Our frat party turned into a sophisticated cocktail party. We all had a great time.

I love these guys. This post turned into an essay, but they all work so hard and have great personalities, I want to share it all.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.3km

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