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Bring on Summer

Monday was a gorgeous sunny day! Our pack of merry adventurers included Bertie the Gordon Setter, Logan and Beckem the Goldendoodles, Stella the Golden Retriever and Noah the Labradoodle.

Bertie and Logan played many games of chase. It’s fun when two dogs who have such similar energy get to play together. My main job is to make sure they don’t get tooo excited. There are certainly worse problems to have. “Stop having so much fun guys!”

Stella was at her usual spot up front leading the charge. She likes to join in a few games of chase but is much more intent on exploration! Beckem floats with all the groups, a little play here, a little exploration there. Noah likes to keep me company. He’ll go explore with the dogs for a little bit, but he really likes being by my side. He gets a few extra pats that way.


Today's Adventurers

Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 7.3km

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