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Border Collie Madness

On Wednesday August 27 we had quite the energetic pack. There was Logan and Beckem the Goldendoodles, Nila the Desi Dog, Bailey Golden Retriever and Border Collies Emma and Stella.

We started our hike at Cypress Falls. There is a nice watering hole there this time of year and it’s always nice to hike to a viewpoint.

It’s lots of fun seeing the different characteristics of different breeds. Especially when there are at least two of the same kind of dog. I had great fun with the border collie intensity regarding sticks. It’s a funny thing when border collies are around. There always seems to be some small stick by my feet, just waiting to be thrown. Logan couldn’t help but join in the fun as well.

We had a great time.



Today's Adventurers

Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.5km

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