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Best Morning Greeting Ever! Sunny Days with Pippa and Lola

This morning got off to a really good start.

Lola was already in the truck when I picked Pippa up. Pippa and Lola have been on many walks together and have developed a doggy friendship of sorts. When I dropped the tailgate of the truck to reveal Lola, Pippa got so excited that she didn’t know whether to just put her paws up to say hi, or jump right in the truck. She ended up halfway between the two and did a bit of a belly flop. For a normally graceful dog, it was funny to see.

Once in the truck Pippa proceded to do happy laps around Lola. Keep in mind that Pippa is the larger of the two dogs, so doing laps in the back of a Ford Ranger is no small feat. There were wagging tails galore as both girls showered me and each other in kisses. I’m going to have to start filming these greetings. They’re fun to watch!

We started our hike at Millstream Park. With the hot weather we wanted to hike in areas that were close to water. We were thankful for the shade of the forest as it kept the temperature cool enough to hike. I wasn’t so thankful for the mosquitos, or the spiderwebs.  I knew we were breaking trail when I was covered in spiderwebs. But then again, the spiders eat mosquitos. I guess I’ll just deal with the spiderwebs, the dogs weren’t bothered by them :)

Pippa splashed in lots of water and Lola had fun running around. A great walk all around!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.8km

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