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Best Friends Wilbur and Logan

On Friday we got a lucky break from the rain. The trails were muddy but the sun was doing its best to peek through the clouds. It was a lovely day to be in the woods.

Our pack of merry adventurers included Bailey and Stella the Golden Retrievers, Beckem and Logan the Goldendoodles, Tobey the Labradoodle and Wilbur the Border Collie. Wilbur is new to the Friday pack, though he’s been out for a few Wednesday’s.

Friday looks like its going to be a great fit. Wilbur and Logan love playing with one another. They both love chase and tearing around through the forest. It’s great to see them become good friends.

The rest of the dogs were quite calm by comparison, though they too had a great romp. Stella had a few rolls in the dirt, Tobey kept checking on me, Beckem kept me company and Bailey socialized with everyone. It was a great walk.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.5km

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