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Beckem loves Stella

Friday was another gorgeous day! The dogs were eager to go hiking. I received an especially warm welcome from both Pippa and Bailey. Both dogs practically danced with happiness when I went to go pick them up.

An excellent way start to the day!

We had a bit of a false start when I forgot my main leash at Bailey’s place and had to go back to get it. However, the dogs were rewarded for their patience with an extra long walk!

There was lots of running around and doggy games. Stella loves getting the other dogs to chase her. Logan and Beckem are only too happy to oblige. In fact, Beckem has become quite enamoured with Stella. Perhaps a little too enamoured…. Thankfully there are no puppies in the future.

To be fair Stella didn’t seem to mind. I actually think she really liked the attention. What pretty girl doesn’t like getting chased by the boys?

Bailey alternated between keeping me company and playing with the younger pups. Pippa did her usual loops in the forest.

All in all we had a great walk. Bailey gave me the best lean snuggle at the end of the walk, collapsing into a happy pile of fur on my lap.

Great day, long walk, time for a nap!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 9.7km

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