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Annabelle Adventures

Sometimes a particular dog decides that today is their day. A day they will adventure to their fullest and have the most fun they possibly can. Tuesday was Annabelle the Pomeranian’s day. From the moment she was picked up, she was PUMPED to go out! A cute little bouncing ball of fur, with a big ole grin on her face. My favourite :)

Joining Annabelle on her adventure was Bogie the Golden Retriever, Karma the Desi Dog, Hanna and Lenni the Boxers and Brosia the Mexi-Mutt. They were a great pack for Annabelle to play with. I love how a dog as giant as Hanna can be friends with a dog as tiny as Annabelle.

It was a great walk!

Today's Adventurers

Location: Ballentree Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.2km

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