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Adventures with Mabel

I was lucky enough to do two hikes with Mabel yesterday. Mabel is an American Bulldog. A little power horse and a great hiking buddy. 1st trip was up near Millstream in West Vancouver.

Highlights included finding the Hollyburn fir. A very large, very old growth tree. See if you can find where it is! I’ll give the first person who correctly emails me the photo a free adventure. Sorry, but the offer is only open to residents of  the North Shore and Downtown Vancouver. Contest ends October 14, 2011. Send your guess to .

Second hike was to Stanley Park. I wanted to see what we could find away from the main trails. Mabel was happy to trundle along with me. Lots of things for her to sniff.

I had been warned Mabel liked to chase squirrels. So I was really impressed when we passed by a pack of raccoons being fed cat food. (Not by the people feeding raccoons cat food, but that’s another post) Mabel on the other hand, barely even acknowledged them. What a champ. She’s amazing.

Until next time! Keep hiking.

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