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Add One Part Sunshine

Friday’s walk started with a good dose of sunshine. The leaves are coming out, the birds are singing and the trails are drying up. It’s nice to hike without getting coated in mud! Though the dogs still find the odd puddle to play in.

Our Waggers included Stella the Golden Retriever, Beckem and Logan the Goldendoodles, Pippa the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Lola the Jack Russel Terrier / Pomeranian Mix and Tobey the Labradoodle. Whew! Quite the crew.

Pippa is settling into her Friday walks, this group is a little more mellow and she’s back running in the forest. It helps that her old buddly Lola is back. It’s great to see Lola’s grin. Tobey is making really good friends with both Pippa and Lola. Of course he loves playing chase with Logan too.

Beckem is looking handsome with his new haircut! He and Pippa are becoming good friends, often hanging out close by. ¬†And of course there is Stella. She’s missing her buddy Bailey but she’s also enjoying Beckem and Pippa’s company. She also found a couple good spots to roll in. She likes to explore with Logan and Tobey when they have a moment of calm.

All in all we had a fantastic hike. It’s starting to feel like summer as the snow is making a fast retreat up the mountain.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 6.3km

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