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A Spot for Maxie

I was enroute to pick up Lola when I got a call from Maxie’s mom. Maxie’s usual care was unavailable and she was hoping we could squeeze him in. While we were full for the day, we also didn’t like the idea of him being all alone. Plus Lola and Maxie are half the size of the other dogs, so two of them is really like one, right?

Needless to say we made and exception and added Maxie to our pack of merry adventurers. It was a gorgeous day and we were happy to be out on the trails.

Our Wednesday’s pack included Beckem and Logan the Goldendoodles, Lola the Jack Russell Terrier / Pomeranian, Maxie the Bichon / Shih Tzu, Emma the Border Collie, Nila the Desi dog and last but not least Bailey the Golden Retriever.

The sunny day brought out lots of hikers. The forests were gorgeous and we had a great time running around. We checked out the view, had a quick break then headed back down the trails.

A pretty perfect hike!


Today's Adventurers

Location: Cypress Falls Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 7.0km

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