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A Calm Monday

Monday’s pack of adventurers included Maxie the Bichon / Shih Tzu, Beckem and Logan the Goldendoodles, Stella the Golden Retriever and Winston the Yellow Lab.

Winston has been settling into his walks. He still enjoyes a good game of stick tug and chase with Logan, but he’s also able to enjoy just walking in the woods. Logan adores Winston, and to be honest I think Beckem has been getting a little jealous. Beckem doesn’t enjoy the rough play as much as Winston and Logan. So he sticks back with me a little more than usual. Logan, doesn’t really notice what’s going on as he just loves everyone.

It’s ok Beckem, you can share Logan and I know Maxie would love to play with you. :)


Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 5.4km

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