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6 Dogs + Sunny Day = Best Adventure to Date

Wow! Wednesday was a great walk. We had six dogs out on our adventure: Logan the Golden Doodle, Nila the Desi Dog, Pippa the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Sally the Wheaten Terrier and new dog Maxie the Shi Tzu / Bichon mix.

Everyone got along really well.  I had a lot of really amazing footage to sort through. The dogs have had a few opportunities to walk together now and its fun to see their friendships emerge.

Logan is friends with everyone! Nila loves to play chase with Logan, the two of them have very similar puppy energy. It’s awesome watching them run around and rough-house a little. Their tails are just wagging.

Logan also loves to swim with Stella. In typical Golden Retriever fashion, Stella is in every body of water we come across. I can often hear her splashing away before I can catch up.

Sally is a sweetie. She likes to walk near me and is always making sure I’m coming along.

Pippa is still recovering from a foot injury. So she had to spend some time on leash. She kept me going along at a good pace as she didn’t want to be left behind!

Maxie fit right in, chasing after the bigger dogs. Logan couldn’t wait to play with Maxie, but his energy is a little high. Logan is doing really well with his manners and would leave Maxie when it was too much. But to be fair, I did catch Maxie playfully instigating once. So I think Maxie may have a mischievous side.

It was one of those glorious sunny days. A day where I’m thankful I get to do this job. I had a hard time cutting down the footage to about 2 min. Any thoughts on the video length? Too short, Too long or just right? We love sharing our adventures.


Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 8.9km

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