Adventures » 1st hike of summer with Lola, Pippa, Millie and Vinnie

1st hike of summer with Lola, Pippa, Millie and Vinnie

Wednesday was a gorgeous day! It was one of those days that makes me feel like I’ve got the best job in the world! Rounding out our pack was Lola the Pomeranian / Jack Russell Terrier, Pippa the Wirehaired Pointing Griffon, Vinnie the French Bulldog and Millie the Formosan Mountain dog/ Boston Terrier.

It was the first walk that felt like summer. For once we didn’t see any snow on the trail (there was a tiny bit in the valley at the top of the mountain). We spotted raspberry (fruit), strawberry (blossoms) and what I think is salmonberry (blossoms). There were also A LOT of caterpillars, I found a few hitchhikers on my way home.

Wild Raspberry

Wild Strawberry

Wild Salmonberry

All in all, the energy was calm and we really just enjoyed walking together.

Enjoy the video! We had a great day.

Look below to see where we went and where we spotted the berry plants.

Today's Adventurers

Location: Millstream Park, West Vancouver

Distance hiked: 9.4km

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