About Us

Wagging Trails was created so we could walk in the woods with our friends!

Top Dog and engineer Claire Lomas left the office to pursue her true passion; exploring the natural world. A lifelong adventurer, Claire has been hiking, camping and skiing for as long as she can remember. She loves being outdoors; spending her time with animals. Wagging Trails was born out of this love.

Hiking with dogs is something we love to do! Our doggy friends make Wagging Trails special. Dogs are social animals and love being part of a pack. Our pack members create new doggy friendships while they explore in a natural setting.  They teach each other how to jump on logs, swim and be good members of a pack; even shy and reserved dogs eventually join in the fun. Under their guide’s watchful eye, the opportunities to explore and play are endless! They come home exhausted from all the fun.

Don’t take our word for it! We love to share what we do. We make sure each adventure is recorded by GPS and with video. Check out our amazing pack members and their adventure buddies in the Dogs section.

We invite you to join the fun!